Embark on a Cosmic Shopping Spree: Buy Overlumens from Stellar Wallets!

Discover the thrill of acquiring Overlumens (OVRL) as you dive into a galaxy of possibilities! Our cosmic token is now available for purchase from a selection of your favorite Stellar wallets. Secure your OVRL holdings and unleash the potential of this community-driven gem. Explore the wallets below and launch your cosmic shopping adventure today!


StellarTerm is a decentralized and user-friendly web-based wallet that allows seamless trading of OVRL and other Stellar assets. It offers an intuitive interface and supports secure transactions on the Stellar network.


Lobstr is a popular mobile and web wallet that supports OVRL and various other Stellar assets. With its easy-to-use interface and multi-platform compatibility, Lobstr offers a convenient way to buy, sell, and manage your OVRL holdings.


StellarX is a renowned decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the Stellar blockchain, offering seamless trading of Stellar assets, including Overlumens (OVRL). With no trading fees and fast settlement times, StellarX provides a user-friendly platform for buying and selling OVRL directly from your Stellar wallet. Experience the true power of decentralized trading with StellarX, where you have full control of your assets and enjoy a secure and transparent trading experience. Start your cosmic journey into the StellarX exchange and add OVRL to your stellar portfolio with ease and convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can buy OVRL tokens from supported cryptocurrency exchanges or Stellar wallets that offer trading services for OVRL.

OVRL tokens are tradable on most Stellar wallets that support the Stellar Decentralized Exchange (DEX) functionality.

The minimum amount of OVRL tokens you can buy may vary depending on the exchange or wallet you are using. Please check with the platform’s specific requirements. Generally, there’s no minimum requirements to buy OVRL.

Yes, you can store OVRL tokens in compatible hardware wallets that support the Stellar network.

Stellar wallets, including the ones listed above, offer robust security measures to protect your assets. It’s essential to use reputable wallets and follow best security practices to ensure the safety of your tokens.

Yes, you can use the same Stellar wallet to both buy and sell OVRL tokens on the Stellar DEX or supported exchanges.

Transaction fees may apply when trading OVRL on exchanges or making transactions on the Stellar network. These fees vary depending on the platform’s policies and network conditions.

You can track the value of your OVRL holdings using market tracking websites, cryptocurrency portfolio trackers, or through the wallet/exchange interface that displays the token’s value in real-time.

Yes, you can transfer OVRL tokens to other Stellar wallet addresses by using the “Send” or “Transfer” functionality available in most Stellar wallets. Be sure to use the correct destination wallet address.

If you encounter any issues or have questions regarding buying or trading OVRL, you can reach out to the respective wallet’s customer support or refer to their documentation for assistance. Additionally, you can seek help from the Overlumens community via our Discord channel or email support.