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Welcome To Overlumens (OVRL)

where community, innovation, and opportunity converge to create an electrifying crypto experience on the Stellar chain!

Community-Centric Philosophy

Overlumens (OVRL) prioritizes community involvement, empowering users to shape the ecosystem's direction through active participation and decision-making.

Innovative Utilities and Possibilities

OVRL offers exciting features like the Economy Game, NFT platform, advanced staking, and more, opening up diverse opportunities for users.

Secure and Trustworthy Infrastructure

Built on the Stellar blockchain, OVRL ensures a secure, fast, and reliable environment, backed by regular audits and transparent practices.

Embracing Interstellar Connections

Beyond the Stellar chain, we reach out to embrace a galactic alliance! OVRL is not just a solitary star; it’s part of an interstellar network of collaborations and mutual support.

Our Stellar Vision of Collaboration

Cosmic Connections:
In the vastness of the crypto universe, we believe in forging cosmic connections. We extend our stellar hand to other tokens and projects, uniting the galaxy in friendship.

Support and Services:
At OVRL, we provide cosmic support and services to other tokens, helping them blaze their paths to success. Together, we will illuminate the crypto galaxy.


Unveil the constellation that powers OVRL, ensuring a celestial balance across the universe of possibilities:



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Whitepaper – Unveiling the Cosmic Vision

Dive into the depths of OVRL’s cosmic vision! Our whitepaper unveils the technical details, tokenomics, and roadmap that power our stellar journey.

Unleash the power

Join Our Stellar Discord Party!

Be a part of the hottest Discord community in the galaxy! OVRL holders enjoy exclusive access to our cosmic Discord bot – a starship of rewards and possibilities.

Fuel Up with Daily Holding Rewards

The more OVRL you hold, the brighter your rewards shine! Our Discord bot, fueled by cosmic magic, grants you daily rewards just for being an active OVRL holder. Witness your holdings soar like shooting stars!

Feeless Tipping – Spread Stellar Love

Tipping made easy, without cosmic fees! Shoot gratitude beams to fellow community members, celebrating their stellar contributions without the burden of transaction costs.

Launch Airdrops – Share the Stardust

Captain of generosity? With OVRL, you have the authority to launch spectacular airdrops within our community. Disperse stardust (read: OVRL) among our loyal space explorers and watch their excitement soar!

Complete Missions – Earn Stellar Rewards

Embark on thrilling community missions and earn more stellar rewards! Engage in challenges, promotions, and explorations, and fuel your spaceship with OVRL treasures.

Community Leadership – Rise as a Stellar Navigator

Join forces with other stellar navigators to shape the future of OVRL. Our community-driven initiatives allow you to propose ideas, vote on key decisions, and be an integral part of our cosmic journey.

Collect Benefits

Regular Airdrops and Galactic Events

At Overlumens (OVRL), we believe in giving back to our cosmic explorers! Our regular airdrops and galactic events add sparkle to your journey, rewarding loyal navigators like you with celestial surprises.

Galactic Bounties – Seek the Stellar Treasures

Explore the cosmos and discover hidden bounties! Participate in periodic challenges and competitions to win exciting bonuses and unlock rare cosmic artifacts.

Cosmic Celebrations – Unite in Stellar Revelry

Join us in celebrating key milestones and cosmic events! Our community-wide festivities are filled with fun, camaraderie, and, of course, stardust rewards for all participants.

Embark on Your OVRL Odyssey

Your OVRL odyssey begins with a single click! By joining our vibrant Discord community, you step into a cosmos filled with excitement, rewards, and a supportive network of fellow cosmic explorers. The Discord server serves as our cosmic headquarters, where holders enjoy exclusive access to our Discord bot and its stellar features, including daily holding rewards, feeless tipping, airdrop creation, and mission participation.

OVRL’s universe is filled with stellar benefits waiting to be discovered! As an OVRL holder, you have the cosmic privilege of experiencing daily rewards for holding OVRL tokens. These rewards provide a constant stream of stardust, ensuring that your journey through the cosmos is a rewarding one. Additionally, you can explore the excitement of feeless tipping, launching airdrops, and participating in community missions to earn additional stellar rewards. The cosmos of OVRL is ever-evolving, and there’s always something new to discover.


OVRL’s cosmic engagements offer a chance to connect with like-minded cosmic enthusiasts from across the universe. Engage in cosmic conversations, share your cosmic stories, and contribute your insights and perspectives to the cosmic narrative of OVRL. By actively participating in our community discussions, you become an integral part of shaping the cosmic direction of OVRL. We welcome your contributions and believe that every voice adds a unique dimension to our cosmic journey.


Keep your cosmic navigation on course by tuning in to our stellar signals on Twitter and Telegram. By following us on these platforms, you’ll receive real-time updates on cosmic events, exciting announcements, and stardust news related to OVRL. Our stellar signals are designed to keep you well-informed and up-to-date, ensuring that you never miss out on the latest cosmic adventures.

Team and Advisors

Meet the masterminds behind the cosmic brilliance of OVRL! Our team of stellar developers, advisors, and community managers work tirelessly to elevate your cosmic journey.

Behind every cosmic endeavor lies a team of passionate visionaries and skilled professionals. At OVRL, we are proud to introduce you to our stellar team, consisting of blockchain developers, experienced advisors, and community managers. Together, they form the backbone of our cosmic project, steering it towards new frontiers and innovations. The team’s expertise, dedication, and enthusiasm serve as the driving force behind the success of OVRL.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Witness the cosmic alliances that propel OVRL towards new galaxies! Explore our partnerships and collaborations that strengthen the cosmic bond.

OVRL’s cosmic journey is not a solitary one. We believe in building cosmic alliances and forging partnerships with other stellar projects. On our landing page, you’ll find a showcase of our valuable partnerships and collaborations. These cosmic alliances extend our reach, bring new opportunities, and open the door to exciting synergies. Our partnerships reflect our commitment to creating a unified and interconnected crypto universe, where collaboration is key to mutual growth and success.

Roadmap – Charting Cosmic Destinations

Discover the cosmic roadmap that guides our expedition! Explore the milestones, features, and developments that shape the future of OVRL.

January 2022
Initial Planning of the project
June 2022
Launched the project
September 2022
Launch of the First Utility
October 2022 - January 2023
Marketing and collaborations
February 2023 - June 2023
Major updates in the utility bot
July 2023 - October 2023
Renovation of the website and community
November 2023 - March 2024
Mass marketing and advertisement
April 2024 - June 2024
Development of the NFT marketplace
July 2024 - November 2024
Development of the Advanced Economy game
December 2024 - February 2025
Mass marketing and events
March 2025 - June 2025
Development of the Advanced Staking Platform
So on...
Many more things are awaiting...

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