Overlumens (OVRL) Whitepaper

Version 1.0 – Last Updated: 3 August,2023

Welcome to the captivating world of Overlumens (OVRL) – a stellar-based token that embodies the spirit of community-driven innovation and boundless opportunities. This comprehensive whitepaper delves into the cosmos of OVRL, elucidating its vision, utilities, ecosystem, and the exciting potential it unlocks for cosmic explorers like you.

1. Introduction

1.1 Overview

Overlumens (OVRL) transcends the traditional boundaries of a cryptocurrency token. It emerges as a cosmic entity that cherishes community values, encourages innovation, and presents a universe of possibilities for its explorers. Operating on the Stellar chain, OVRL embodies the essence of a thriving and interconnected crypto ecosystem.

Overlumens is a digital token that fosters a vibrant community focused on community-driven innovations and opportunities. The token operates on the Stellar chain, a secure and fast blockchain platform known for its scalability and low transaction fees. OVRL aims to build an inclusive and collaborative ecosystem where cosmic explorers come together, connect, and create a universe of possibilities.

1.2 Token Symbol and Issuer

Token Symbol: OVRL

Asset Issuer:

The OVRL token is represented by the symbol “OVRL,” and its asset issuer is identified as GAHRTV3TGK3TKUCVZTBCUL5Q2B6AB62F5T4ZY22T55PV5SARNDLGC4OI on the Stellar network.

1.3 Home Domain

Our official home domain is blockchain.zealtyro.com, where cosmic explorers embark on their journey with OVRL. The home domain serves as a gateway to our cosmic ecosystem, providing access to essential resources and information.

1.4 Chain: Stellar

With Stellar as its foundation, OVRL basks in the luminescence of fast, secure, and scalable blockchain technology. Stellar’s robust infrastructure ensures efficient transactions and enables OVRL to facilitate a wide array of utilities and features.

1.5 Max Total Supply: 100 Billion

To fuel the cosmic voyage, OVRL possesses a maximum total supply of 100 billion tokens, bringing stardust to the far reaches of the universe. The ample supply allows for broad cosmic participation, enabling users to engage with OVRL in various capacities.

1.6 Official Website

Our portal to the cosmic universe is overlumens.com, where the cosmos and boundless opportunities await. The official website serves as a comprehensive guide, showcasing the features, utilities, and possibilities offered by OVRL.

2. The Stellar Universe of OVRL

2.1 Community-Centric Philosophy

At the heart of OVRL lies a profound belief in the power of community. Cosmic navigators like you play a pivotal role in shaping the OVRL ecosystem, deciding its trajectory, and collectively driving its success. Your journey with OVRL is about more than just tokens; it’s about an experience that transcends boundaries, connects souls, and embraces diversity.

OVRL operates on the principle of community-driven innovation, encouraging all members to actively participate, contribute, and have their voices heard. By fostering an inclusive and supportive environment, OVRL empowers its cosmic navigators to shape the future of the ecosystem and collaboratively create a universe of possibilities.

2.2 A Bright and Infinite Future

The cosmos of OVRL is a realm of boundless potential. With a focus on constant innovation and creative exploration, we ensure that the universe of OVRL remains dynamic, vibrant, and ever-evolving. Every milestone, every utility, and every connection is a stepping stone towards an infinitely bright future.

The OVRL team envisions a cosmic ecosystem where the potential for growth, collaboration, and innovation knows no bounds. As cosmic navigators chart their path within the OVRL universe, they pave the way for a future filled with new opportunities, groundbreaking utilities, and interstellar collaborations.

2.3 Empowering Cosmic Navigators

Empowerment is the cornerstone of OVRL’s mission. As a cosmic navigator, you have the opportunity to participate in a wide array of utilities, shape the future through governance, and explore a galaxy of collaborative endeavors. Your journey with OVRL is a tapestry of cosmic experiences where your creativity finds wings, and your voice echoes throughout the universe.

OVRL empowers navigators through an array of utilities that cater to various interests and preferences. From engaging in the thrilling Economy Game and exploring the upcoming NFT platform to participating in advanced staking and benefiting from market-making services, cosmic navigators are granted access to a diverse set of tools to fuel their cosmic journey.

3. Galactic Utilities of OVRL

3.1 Tip Bot

Express cosmic appreciation and support with the OVRL Tip Bot on Discord. Feeless and user-friendly, the Tip Bot fosters a culture of gratitude within the OVRL community.

The Tip Bot is a user-friendly and feeless solution for tipping OVRL tokens to fellow navigators within the OVRL Discord community. Through the Tip Bot, navigators can show their appreciation, support creative endeavors, and promote a positive and supportive atmosphere within the cosmic community.

3.2 Economy Game (Upcoming)

The Economy Game is the celestial engine that drives OVRL’s cosmic economy. Engage in exhilarating challenges, complete missions, and compete in cosmic competitions to earn stardust rewards. The game injects a sense of camaraderie, excitement, and strategic thinking into the cosmic journey of every explorer.

The Economy Game is designed to reward cosmic navigators for their active participation within the OVRL ecosystem. Navigators can embark on various challenges and missions that test their skills, creativity, and strategic thinking. Completing these tasks not only earns them stardust rewards but also fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among cosmic explorers.

3.3 Advanced Staking (Upcoming)

OVRL introduces advanced staking capabilities, where cosmic navigators can earn passive rewards by staking OVRL tokens. The longer you stake, the brighter your stardust rewards shine, creating a cosmos of infinite possibilities.

Advanced staking provides cosmic navigators with an opportunity to earn rewards by holding and staking OVRL tokens for an extended period. As tokens are staked, navigators contribute to the ecosystem’s stability, liquidity, and overall health. In return, they are rewarded with stardust, incentivizing long-term participation and dedication.

3.4 Customizable Faucets (Upcoming)

Become the architect of your cosmic destiny! Customizable faucets allow navigators to create their own stardust distribution systems, fostering community engagement and rewarding cosmic participation.

Customizable faucets enable cosmic navigators to distribute stardust rewards according to their preferences and strategies. Navigators can design unique faucets tailored to their community’s needs, fostering engagement and participation within their cosmic orbits.

3.5 Discord Stellar Wallet (Upcoming)

The OVRL Discord Stellar Wallet serves as your cosmic treasure chest, securely integrated within our Discord community. Manage your OVRL tokens, engage in utility activities, and explore the cosmos – all from the convenience of your Discord platform.

The Discord Stellar Wallet provides cosmic navigators with a secure and user-friendly solution for managing their OVRL tokens. Integrated directly into the Discord community, navigators can access various utilities, participate in events, and engage with the OVRL ecosystem without leaving the familiar Discord environment.

3.6 Market Making Services (Upcoming)

In the cosmos of OVRL, liquidity flows seamlessly. Our market-making services ensure a stable and liquid environment, empowering navigators to trade and explore OVRL with ease.

Market making services contribute to the liquidity and stability of OVRL’s trading environment. By providing buy and sell orders at various price levels, market makers facilitate smooth trading experiences for navigators, promoting an active and vibrant marketplace.

3.7 NFT Platform (Upcoming)

The forthcoming NFT Platform will unlock the cosmic potential of creators and collectors, enabling the tokenization of unique cosmic creations. Embrace a new era of artistic expression and cosmic collectibles.

The NFT Platform will revolutionize the way cosmic explorers engage with digital art, collectibles, and creative assets. Creators can tokenize their unique creations as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), granting them ownership and authenticity. Collectors can acquire and trade these cosmic collectibles, fostering a vibrant NFT ecosystem within OVRL.

3.8 Integration with Other Platforms

At OVRL, we understand that the cosmic journey is not confined to a single universe. Our integration with other platforms creates an interconnected crypto ecosystem, expanding the frontiers of possibilities for all navigators.

OVRL actively seeks partnerships and collaborations with other blockchain projects and platforms. By establishing interstellar connections, OVRL extends the reach of its utilities and encourages cross-platform collaboration, fostering a seamless and inclusive crypto ecosystem.

4. Interstellar Synergies

4.1 Business Offerings

OVRL is not just a token; it is an interstellar consultancy, brimming with ideas, solutions, and insights. Businesses seeking innovative blockchain solutions can tap into the cosmic wisdom of OVRL to propel their ventures to new galaxies.

OVRL extends its cosmic consultancy services to businesses looking to harness the potential of blockchain technology. The OVRL team comprises experienced experts who provide valuable insights, solutions, and ideas tailored to the specific needs and goals of each business. By collaborating with OVRL, businesses can unlock new possibilities and tap into the vast potential of the blockchain universe.

4.2 Support for Other Tokens

As cosmic allies, we extend our support to other tokens on their journey. Whether it’s finding potential investors, providing utilities, offering promotional ads, or facilitating auto market making services – OVRL’s interstellar synergy knows no bounds.

OVRL serves as a bridge, connecting and supporting other tokens within the blockchain ecosystem. With a diverse range of utilities, marketing resources, and collaborations, OVRL helps other tokens navigate the cosmos of blockchain with confidence and success. By fostering a spirit of mutual support, OVRL aims to build a harmonious and interconnected crypto universe.

5. Join Our Stellar Community

5.1 Official Website

Embark on your cosmic journey at overlumens.com. Explore the universe of OVRL and unlock a galaxy of possibilities.

The official website serves as a cosmic portal, providing navigators with essential information, updates, and resources related to OVRL. From exploring utility features to learning about upcoming events and milestones, the official website is a comprehensive guide to the OVRL universe.

5.2 Token Explorer

Navigate the cosmic transactions of OVRL on the Stellar network through the OVRL token explorer: OVRL Token Explorer

The OVRL token explorer provides real-time and comprehensive data about OVRL transactions and activities on the Stellar network. Navigators can access a transparent view of the token’s distribution, transfers, and other pertinent information, enhancing trust and transparency within the OVRL ecosystem.

5.3 Discord Community

Discover a vibrant community of cosmic explorers on our Discord platform. Engage, collaborate, and share your cosmic adventures: OVRL Discord Community

The OVRL Discord community serves as a bustling cosmic hub, fostering engagement, discussions, and collaborations among navigators. By joining the Discord community, navigators gain access to a diverse group of like-minded individuals, building connections and friendships that extend beyond the digital universe.

5.4 Follow Us on Twitter

Stay updated with the latest cosmic happenings of OVRL by following us on Twitter: Twitter

Twitter serves as a cosmic beacon, broadcasting updates, announcements, and engaging content to navigators and the broader crypto community. By following OVRL on Twitter, navigators can stay informed about upcoming events, milestones, and important developments within the OVRL ecosystem.

5.5 Contact Us

For any inquiries or support, our cosmic crew awaits your messages at support@overlumens.com. Feel free to reach out; we’re here to make your cosmic journey a memorable one.

Navigators can connect with the OVRL team through support@overlumens.com. Whether it’s seeking assistance, offering feedback, or exploring partnership opportunities, the OVRL team is dedicated to ensuring navigators have a seamless and rewarding cosmic journey.

6. Security and Trust in the Cosmos

6.1 Transparency and Audits

Transparency is a guiding star in the cosmos of OVRL. Regular audits and open communication ensure the security and trustworthiness of our ecosystem.

The OVRL team is committed to maintaining transparency and openness in all aspects of the project. Regular audits are conducted to validate the integrity of the smart contract and ensure that navigators’ funds are safeguarded. Additionally, open communication channels enable navigators to stay informed about the latest developments, enhancing trust and confidence within the OVRL community.

6.2 Trust in the Stellar Chain

The Stellar chain serves as the bedrock of OVRL’s cosmic infrastructure, renowned for its secure, fast, and scalable blockchain technology. With Stellar, trust becomes a natural cosmic force.

Stellar’s reputation for security, efficiency, and scalability reinforces OVRL’s commitment to providing a reliable and stable cosmic environment. By building upon Stellar’s robust blockchain infrastructure, OVRL navigators can transact and engage with confidence, knowing that their cosmic journey is supported by a dependable and trustworthy foundation.

7. Navigating the OVRL Roadmap

7.1 Cosmic Milestones

Embark on an expedition through the cosmic milestones of OVRL. Our celestial roadmap charts a course of progress, unveiling exciting features, advancements, and innovations.

The OVRL roadmap outlines a cosmic journey filled with exciting milestones and advancements. From the launch of new utilities to the expansion of interstellar collaborations, navigators can track the progress and evolution of OVRL as it grows and evolves over time.

7.2 Cosmic Vision

The cosmic vision of OVRL extends beyond horizons. It envisions a universe of interconnected crypto ecosystems, where collaboration and innovation set the course for a brilliant cosmic future.

The OVRL team’s cosmic vision extends beyond the present to embrace a future where blockchain technology fosters an interconnected and collaborative ecosystem. By partnering with other tokens and platforms, OVRL seeks to create a thriving and interconnected cosmos, where mutual support and shared success become the guiding stars.

8. Cosmic Governance

8.1 Community-Driven Decisions

At OVRL, cosmic governance lies in the hands of the community. Decisions are made collectively, ensuring that the universe aligns with the dreams and aspirations of cosmic navigators.

Cosmic governance is a fundamental aspect of OVRL’s community-driven philosophy. All navigators have a voice in shaping the future of the ecosystem, from proposing new utilities to participating in governance decisions. By empowering the community to have a say in the direction of OVRL, the project becomes a true representation of the collective dreams and aspirations of its cosmic navigators.

8.2 The OVRL Council

The OVRL Council is a guiding constellation, illuminating the cosmic path and facilitating the community’s vision for a brighter future. Council members embrace their roles as cosmic stewards, empowering navigators with transparency and accountability.

The OVRL Council comprises trusted community members who have been chosen to guide the project’s direction and ensure the fulfillment of its cosmic vision. Council members act as custodians of the community’s interests, providing transparency, accountability, and guidance in all decision-making processes.

9. Stellar Team Behind OVRL

9.1 Stellar Developers

A team of stellar developers propels OVRL’s cosmic journey. Their expertise, creativity, and passion forge new frontiers for the ecosystem.

The OVRL team comprises experienced and dedicated developers who are skilled in blockchain technology and passionate about creating innovative solutions for the crypto universe. Their expertise drives the development of new utilities, the improvement of existing features, and the overall growth and evolution of the OVRL ecosystem.

9.2 Advisory Board

The Advisory Board offers cosmic guidance, sharing wisdom and experience to steer OVRL towards a celestial destiny.

The OVRL Advisory Board is composed of esteemed individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise. Drawing from their experiences in various industries and sectors, the Advisory Board provides valuable insights, strategic guidance, and support to the OVRL team, ensuring that the project remains on course to achieve its cosmic goals.

9.3 Community Managers

The cosmic community is at the heart of OVRL. Our dedicated community managers foster engagement, provide support, and ensure that every navigator’s voice resonates throughout the universe.

The OVRL community managers play a vital role in nurturing the cosmic community. They facilitate engagement, moderate discussions, and ensure that navigators’ questions and concerns are addressed promptly. By fostering a sense of belonging and inclusivity, community managers create a welcoming and supportive atmosphere within the OVRL universe.

10. The Overlumens (OVRL) Token Sale

10.1 Token Distribution

The OVRL token distribution is crafted to ensure inclusivity and wide cosmic participation. Embrace stardust and embark on your cosmic journey.

The token distribution of OVRL is designed to foster widespread cosmic participation and inclusivity. By distributing tokens to a diverse range of navigators, OVRL aims to create a dynamic and engaged community that contributes to the ecosystem’s growth and success.

10.2 Fund Allocation

Stardust allocation aligns with OVRL’s cosmic vision, empowering the ecosystem’s utilities, community support, and interstellar collaborations.

The allocation of stardust funds is carefully planned to support the development of utilities, community initiatives, and strategic partnerships. By allocating resources strategically, OVRL ensures that the cosmic journey remains vibrant and full of possibilities.

10.3 Tokenomics

Total Supply: 100B

Witness the equinox of fairness! 50% of OVRL is distributed among our cosmic citizens, ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to voyage through the stars.

Distribution: 50%

    • Cosmic Citizens: 25%

      A significant portion of OVRL tokens is distributed to our cosmic citizens during the launch phase. Be among the first to ride the stellar waves!

    • Stellar Stakers: 25%

      OVRL holders are the true luminaries of our universe. As a token of our gratitude, 25% of distribution is allocated to our loyal stellar stakers.

Economy Game Rewards: 15%

Nourishing the ecosystem of OVRL, 15% is dedicated to stimulating a cosmic economy of thrilling games and exciting rewards.

Holders Rewards: 5%

Be the guardian of stardust! Every transaction contributes 5% to holders, sharing the cosmic wonders with all faithful OVRL navigators.

Marketing: 10%

Propel OVRL to greater horizons with our 10% marketing thrust. Share the cosmic magic far and wide!

Airdrop and Bounty: 10%

Staying true to our cosmic generosity, 10% is reserved for cosmic airdrops and bounties, rewarding active participation and stardust seekers.

Founder Share: 10%

The core of OVRL’s constellations! 10% fuels the mothership, ensuring the unwavering guidance and development of our cosmic journey.

11. Embrace the Cosmic Journey

As you venture into the cosmos of Overlumens (OVRL), remember that your journey is boundless and filled with endless possibilities. Embrace innovation, connect with fellow cosmic explorers, and create a universe of collaboration and success.

Disclaimer: This whitepaper represents the vision and utilities of Overlumens (OVRL) at the time of publication. As we traverse the cosmic voyage, OVRL continues to evolve, adapt, and embrace new horizons. This whitepaper is not financial advice or an offer to invest. Navigators are advised to conduct their research and seek professional advice before participating in the OVRL ecosystem.